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Building products and communicating that experience are two different skills; live presentation experience is key to successful job interviews.

Presentum helps candidates shape their presentations for interviewing purposes and make complicated stories digestible.

Presentum is a peer-to-peer review platform where designers prepare for job interviews

Peers connect and practice presentations or provide feedback. Sessions are live and time-bound, focusing participants on things that matter. Each session happens with a new person, so the experience is always fresh and close to real-life job interviews.

Peers have to answer hiring-specific questions after each session. Reading the answers helps presenters understand if they communicated what was intended while writing such feedback enables candidates to understand the hiring manager's mindset and adjust the narrative accordingly.

We started with designers because we know the hurdles of hiring and being a designer, although such an approach can work well for other situations (imagine startup pitches).

We have tested several hypotheses on connecting users, organizing the feedback flow, and how to make this system scalable and independent from experts (if guided, feedback would be useful coming from anyone).

In the foreseeable future, we plan connecting designers to hiring parties so that recruiters would be able to access recorded presentations that were reviewed and verified by the community. Such an approach might shorten the time to hire to days instead of months. At the end of the day, people want to find a great job and great candidates.