Portfolio presentation structure

Why bother with a portfolio presentation?

Presentation and slides are almost a requirement. It helps the candidate to manage time and focus on what is important.
  • Once you have talked to a recruiter, they will send you a guide on adjusting your presentation to their process.
  • Presentation is a must, and you must take it seriously—a deck of slides.
  • The presentation shows you come prepared and respect interviewers.
  • It helps you to keep your story straight and keep track of time.

You can't skip the presentation. Accept it and cope with it.

Presentation is the only part of the interview that you control 100%. This is your best chance to make the right impression and set the right tone for the rest interviews.

Make sure you show your best. Interviewers probably have never seen you before; they don't know you and have no idea about your life. All they know and see is how well you can prepare. Also, note that they have been through the presentation before you. They came prepared, and they expect the same from their potential coworker.

The best strategy is to practice your presentation before building a portfolio website and before applying:

  • You will learn what projects work best for you
  • You will feel confident talking about these projects
  • Once you get feedback on your presentation from real people, you will put a better story on your portfolio website and increase the chances of an invite for an interview.

In the following articles, we will cover:

  • Presentation structure
  • How to design presentation slides
  • How to talk about your projects

We highly recommend you watch this lecture on presentations. Even though it is not focused on design and portfolios, it gives a fantastic insight on how to build any presentation and how people perceive stories:

How to speak by MIT professor Patrick Winston.

  • You have to prepare a presentation if you are to apply to FAANG. It will help you streamline interviewing in other companies, too.
  • The presentation should look like a presentation (a deck of slides) for a linear narrative and comfortable viewing.
  • Presentation is the only part of the interview that you control 100%. Take the most of it.
  • Presentation is time-bound, and preparing slides helps candidates to make sure they will fit the timeframe.
What makes a good portfolio presentaion for a job interview?
Get ready.
Practice with designers, get feedback, and improve your portfolio presentation.
Get hired.
Connect with hiring managers once you practiced your presentation.
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  • Prepare.

    • Use our step-by-step guide to optimize your prep.
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  • Practice with peers.

    • Practice in a safe environment.
    • Get live experience and proper feedback.
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  • Get hired.

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