How to write project case studies for your portfolio

How to design a portfolio presentation

Make sure the information on each slide is useful, adds to the story, and helps the listener understand it.
  • Avoid large amounts of text. Keep titles only.
  • Use LARGE images because you don't know what kind of devices people will use to watch your presentation (if online).
  • Use one screen/layout per slide. Don't cram different layouts/screens into one slide, it is very misleading and ambiguous (harder to understand).

Consider devices and your interviewer's environment:

  • People will be watching your presentation on all forms of devices.
  • Hopefully, not on the phone. But it happens quite often.
  • When sharing a screen, there is a probability that the UI of a browser or connectivity app (e.g., Zoom, Hangouts, Bluejeans) would occupy a big part of a viewer's screen (1/3) so your presentation would take a part of the screen, and everything will be perceived smaller.

Use large images

Rule of thumb: use one image per slide.

Designers tend to place three mobile screens in a row. Almost every time a viewer watches it, they think it is some sort of development of the first screen. If that is the case, and that was your intent, then it is okay.

But more often than not, designers just place these screens on one slide for no reason. Your audience will think of your pictures instead of listening to you, and most of the time they will feel confused.

If you have to show a few screens on the same slide, consider revealing them one after another so that a viewer’s focus will remain on an image you are talking about at the moment.

Avoid walls of text on slides. Use short headlines only

If you are like lots of designers who want to start by writing down a story they'd like to tell, you probably would like to put some of these texts on your slides. That would be a mistake! The answers you are writing are to support your story, not for publishing on slides.

  • People read faster than you can pronounce
  • If you read from slides, they will fall asleep
  • Show and tell, don't write
  • If you have to share slides, add accompanying text if necessary

It is cool to use your texts later on a website as a commentary on your slides.

  • Show one large image per slide.
  • Avoid paragraphs of text at all costs: use short headlines only.
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