How to write project case studies for your portfolio

How to talk about my role, contribution, XFN (cross-functional)

Explain your individual contribution.

My role, contribution

  • What exactly did you do

Some projects are so complex that it is hard to understand your individual contribution to the project's success. You want to make sure that it is clear what you have contributed so that a listener can understand that.

We’ve seen designers struggle to highlight their contributions. Mind you, a listener doesn't know everything, and things that are obvious to you might not be obvious to them.

If you struggle to list specific things you did, try answering this question: what would happen with a project if you haven't participated? If the answer is relevant to the job you are applying for, don't forget to mention that.

XFN examples

Reflect on your ability to work closely with cross-functional (XFN) partners (i.e., engineering, product management, content research, etc.).

Think of examples where you collaborated with people from your team.

The keyword is an example.

List these examples and think about how you would incorporate them into your storytelling.

How to write for portfolio presentation and case study
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